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CNC machining

With hundreds of CNC machines, our in-house production capacity can ensure that your parts are delivered on time every time.
At Lingmo Precision, our ISO9100 certified CNC machining equipment is designed for rapid prototyping and small batch production of end-use components.
CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process, which uses 3-axis milling ~ 5-axis indexing milling process to quickly cut metal blocks into final parts.
Quickly iterate part design, and speed up product development by rapidly turning parts.
Our automated design analysis will help you find design difficulties,
then send the design to the manufacturing workshop, so as to avoid expensive rework later in the product development cycle.


Business introduction

product CNC precision machining


CNC precision machining manufacturing

We earnestly implement every process from product processing to surface treatment, and realize all customer ideas. Through computer CNC precision processing, it can be used for rapid production and processing of precision processing and manufacturing of medical, aviation, and military products.


Rapid die-casting molding processing

Because it is a metal that can be cured in a short time and has high strength, compared with CNC, it can reduce costs and produce modeling objects in a shorter construction period. .

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Use materials

We focus on precision machining of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy materials, and accept customer processing, welcome to call for consultation and customization



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Producing precision product processing results that can realize various ideas of customers, such as the internal and external parts of medical, military, aerospace parts, the surface of workpieces andhardware Matching of workpiece kits. I won the trust.

Using years of accumulated fruitful results and reliable technology, we will set up and produce appropriate materials and workflows for each requirement.

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